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All in one solar street light project

Right are some of our all in one solar street light projects. These projects feature different style fixtures for illuminating streets, roadways, highways, and pathways. Our systems are sized for a minimum of three days autonomy and require no connection to the electric grid; however, grid backup systems are also available. As demonstrated in harderds of existing projects around the world.

All in one Solar Street light have  basic components. The system consists of: (1) Mono/Poly Solar Panel (2) Aluminum Frame (3) Solar Charger Controller(PWM/MPPT), we also have MPPT charger controller available (4) Lithium Battery(LiFePO4 Battery or lead acid battery), Chip ,Cable, Etc, As you know,  Different quality raw material will effect the product price.  

solar light

Solar street lamp Project

solar light project

For municipalities, highways, roadways, bridge and rural development projects, Separated Solar Street Lighting  International systems are reliable and effective

Sloxer’s leading supplier of commercial solar LED street lighting systems perfect fo a variety of applications – Customized, from Solar panel, Battery, Solar Charger Controller to Pole. … Please tell us your project details and one of our lighting experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 

solar led light project

Solar Power System Project

solar home system

Since 2015, Sloxer has delivered thousands of complete, packaged home solar panel systems all over the world. These are pictures of some of our residential solar system projects (

If you search for good DIY solar power project for your home there are thousands available on internet. Some of them are very complex and require special tools or knowledge. Others are relatively simple to construct which a child can make with items found in your house. you can tell me which kind of solar panel , battery, solar controller , etc, we will give you as you asked or just tell me you want, then we will let our engineer design the solar panel system for you.

in this collection I include all variety of projects like sizing the solar system,charging,tracking,energy monitoring and cool gadgets runs by solar power.

Enjoy and make your home solar powered

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